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Transportation/ Carpool Rules


The Caddo Parish School Board shall provide transportation for magnet school students from a point at or near their residences whenever possible. When transportation is not possible because of distance, routing or other good and just causes, the parent will be responsible for transporting the student to the closest designated pickup point to the student’s residence.

To determine if the bus stops in your area, please use the following link. Students should report to the stop 5-10 minutes before the stop time listed.

Carpool Procedures


  • For your child’s safety, we ask that you, please remain in your car and come through the carpool line. Please do not walk up and get your child.
  • You may think that you have a legitimate reason for parking and walking but it creates and hazardous situation and upsets those waiting patiently in line.
  • During extreme, weather we will dismiss from the building. It may take a bit longer, but it is for the safety of the children.
  • Please use your carpool sign. You can download one here.
  • Please enter the car line from E 70th Street.
  • Do not cut into the line from any of the side streets.
  • Turn right onto Montrose from Fairfield Ave.
  • Do not turn left onto Montrose from Fairfield Ave.
  • Do not turn onto Montrose from Line Ave.
  • After dropping your child(ren) turn right onto Montrose towards Line Ave. (This keeps Montrose open for buses and teachers/staffers to get into the parking lot.)
  • Watch for Faculty/Staff signs and allow them access to the parking lot ahead of you.
  • Do not let other parents cut-in the line because it only encourages them to do it again.
  • Let us be good neighbors and not block intersections and carports of the homes on Fairfield Ave.
  • At NO TIME should there be any vehicles parked along Montrose unless you are at the carpool signpost. Yes, there is an actual sign.
  • At NO TIME should you park in the business parking lots that surround the school.
  • If the back lot is dry, it will be open for parking in the afternoons. Please wait outside if you park in the back lot and walk up for pickup.
  • If the back lot is closed, please don’t park on Montrose waiting for the gate to be opened. Enter the carpool line from E 70th Street.

A couple of parents purchased Fast Passes at the Auction. You will see them being ushered to the head of the line. (Be sure to investigate this option in the spring if you are interested.)

Thank you for your cooperation. Let us set a good example for our kids and follow the rules.