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Parent Contract

Parents are required to sign contracts for students entering Fairfield Magnet. A new contract must be signed yearly for each student.

The contract contains the following points of agreement:

Parental Involvement
The parent/guardian will:

  • serve as a role model by following all school rules and regulations.
  • support the teacher’s efforts in the classroom by modeling a positive attitude toward school and a respect for school personnel.

Behavior Expectations

The student will:

  • practice self-control and assume responsibility for own behavior so that maximum learning can occur.
  • obey rules and regulations as set forth in the school Student-Parent Handbook.
  • respect authority and behave courteously toward teachers, other school personnel, and peers.
  • work and play with peers in a productive, cooperative way.
  • respect school property and the rights of others.

Academic Expectations

The student will:

  • be attentive and actively participate in the instructions being given.
  • work independently.
  • complete assignments, using time and materials wisely.
  • complete home learning assignments and return them to school the next day.

Dress Code

The student will:

  • dress in accordance with the Caddo Parish School Board Policy.
  • follow the school dress code/uniform policy as outlined in the Student-Parent Handbook.

Absences and Tardies

The student must:

  • have and maintain a 90% attendance record (no more than 18 unexcused absences) to be admitted and remain in the magnet program.
  • have no more than 18 unexcused tardies in a given year or risk losing enrollment privileges for the next school year.
  • have minimal check-ins and check-outs so that maximum learning can occur.

Contract Renewal

The following criteria will be reviewed prior to a student’s contract renewal:

  •  acceptable behavior (conduct grades of “C” or above.)
  •  grades of “A”, “B”, or “C”.
  •  90% attendance.
  •  50% or higher on standardized tests.
  • LEAP for the 21st Century (4th grade must score basic or above.)
  • parish mandated End-of-Book Reading and Math tests completed with a score of 74% (C) or higher.
  • Compliance with all areas of the Student/Parent Contract.

Parents and students are expected to adhere to the guidelines of the contract.