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National Elementary Honor Society Member Selection Guidelines

National Elementary Honor Society 

Fairfield Elementary Magnet


Member Selection Guidelines

  1. Student must have attended Fairfield Elementary for at least one semester prior to selection process.
  2. Student must currently be in 4th or 5th grade.
  3. Student must have an academic 3.8 GPA (grade point average) for at least the two previous semesters to the selection process.
  4. Students must complete the Candidacy Form accurately and within the given time slot.
  5. Student must show responsibility, leadership, and service in the community and/or school setting.
  6. Student will be chosen by the Fairfield Faculty Council for NEHS based on responsibility, leadership, and service as presented in their Candidate Forms with additional information provided by faculty council as needed. *Scholarship has already been established.
  7. Student/Parent must agree to NEHS member obligations: continued 3.8 GPA or above each semester, monthly meetings, pay dues ($5.00 per semester), service project participation (one per semester), participation in fundraiser (one per semester), participate in various scholarship projects, attending/participating in induction ceremonies, maintain standards of NEHS, show leadership, continue to be a role model at school and in the community, and exhibit high discipline standards.

Note: Membership in NEHS can be revoked if students do not continue to meet requirements throughout their membership.