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Fairfield Foundation

What is the best part about being a Fairfield Bulldog?  Fairfield’s greatest asset is unquestionably its people.  The exceptional faculty and staff, the energetic and involved parents, and the enthusiastic and bright students make Fairfield a school that is unparalleled.  When you are a Fairfield Bulldog, you are part of a family.  Step onto campus the first time, you will feel the energy and love that our students experience every day.  My family was fortunate to be a part of the Fairfield family this past year, and we were blown away!

Fairfield strives to provide the highest quality education for its students, but public funds fall short of providing the resources necessary to accomplish everything we need at Fairfield.  In order to continue to enhance the Fairfield experience for our students and families, a group of Fairfield parents has founded the Fairfield Foundation.  This foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) exempt fundraising organization whose mission is to directly enrich the education experience of our students through new technology, facility improvements and new educational programs.

I invite all parents, grandparents, alumni and friends of Fairfield to participate in the Fairfield Foundation, either as a corporate sponsor or at the individual membership level.  Investing in the improvement of our school is an investment in our students and our community.  Click the link below and come be a part of the Fairfield Family!

Lauren Reynolds

Foundation President


Fairfield Foundation Commitment Form